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Friday, November 22, 2013

Unconventional approaches to Architecture Views

As architects we have all had a variety of methods, tools, stencils, approaches to represent views as a tool to capture the essence of a system / software / application to capture concerns of various stakeholder's viewpoints.
Nothing new or fancy.. i agree.
This is very true for enterprises and not for startups as you may also know. Startups use technics like Business model generators, Leanstack, LeanCanvas etc to represent the dimensions of the problems they are trying to solve but the view is more geared to a VC who would like to fund the idea.

As i start working on new and unconventional projects - not your typical web apps, high volume webscale properties, content managed apps but more backend business process oriented and more around carrying out the core of a business but from behind the scenes with little to no UI components i started to explore new-traditional ways to represent architecture.

Some interesting observations on this problem are provided below

I also started exploring really breaking ways to represent this.
For example - Use case view/ business process view / Use case surveys we can use standard UML notations, bubbles/ actors, interactions etc but how about taking the UPS whiteboard guy and using the UPS ad whiteboarding technique to represent every use case -

Check this out

Similar to this for every view such as Logical, Context, Data, Deployment, Physical, Security there has to be unique ways to represent rather than the boring usual content that puts the audience to sleep.

I will post as i research and find new stuff

Sada Rajagopalan

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