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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Architecture Recap of the week - Nov 17th 2013

Highlights of the Week
The major highlight of this week was the Amazon Re:Invent 2013 conference . the second of its kind and already growing to 9-10,000 attendees.
I had the opportunity to tune into Andy and Dr Vogel keynotes and they were truly transformational and phenomenal. The emphasis AWS keeps on their customers is truly unique.
Some thing that struck my mind was when Werner said, when a new idea or product concept is formulated the team's first deliverable is the Press release and the FAQ page.
Work the product roadmap backwards from what you are saying to your customers. very different , its not about what you know, its about what the customer wants, pure engineering companies like Sun, Oracle, IBM, HP i guess never got this basic fact.
If you have time please follow the links below -;hd=1;autoplay=1;hd=1;autoplay=1

Of the major product announcements that were released my favs were :

Amazon Kinesis
AWS WorkSpaces - fully managed desktop solution
IAM support for SAML2.0
RDS support for TDE
Cross ZONE load balancing by ELB
RDS support for PostgreSQL

This technology platform and culture that AWS is promoting is for here to stay and is going disrupt the traditional data center business. Its only a matter of time

Want to end with a quote from one of the key note speakers

"Architects must not obsess with what is visible in the rear view mirror but rather look ahead through the windscreen in front of you"
If you think about this, the rear view mirror is so small and the windscreen is multi times bigger for a reason, while we need to check our back and side view mirrors, our goal is driven by our windscreen

Often times as architects we tend to lose the focus on the windscreen and get fixated in what we see in the rear and side view mirrors. It was a key take away for me listening to the key notes
Hope it is for you as well

Sada Rajagopalan

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