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Thursday, January 30, 2014

SOA BPM and More....

In a world of simplistic architecture deliveries, there exists business needs to create fairly sophisticated BPM architectures using very innovative technology, product and architecture trends. Its one of my new interest dimensions and apart from cloud, high volume, high scale applications i would be devoting my time to immerse in complex BPMS/SOA systems and will post research notes on them.
In the world of BPM and SOA the very first thought leaders to mention is Paul.C.Brown and his tremendous contributions to this community, he is inspiring and motivational. Kudos to him.
Paul has some very interesting material in his total architecture site about BPM and SOA and its inter-dependencies, commonly mis-understood terminologies and design paradigms. Its a great read.
Extending how SOA and BPM can be implemented in a rapid delivery model using delivery methodologies such as Agile / Scrum and also combine modern concepts such as CI/CD and leverage devops in cloud using BPM cloud offerings would be a cool challenging work.
Often times they are very heavy investment upfront in setting up the foundation / plumbing and takes a lot of time to get the projects off the ground the momentum gets lost in expending energy in the heavy lifting involved in the upfront stages of planning and foundational elements of such projects.
An interesting domain would be to explore how to standup such delivery teams fairly quickly, automate the development needs and onboard resources to be productive in delivering either BPM processess, SOA services, UI page flows, Composite apps, Composable services just like how traditional web apps are put together using end-to-end full stack devs or a distributed team that does UI, webapp, services and data accesss in separate teams.
This is going to be an interesting challenge to solve for and will post what i find.

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